Company Profile


Ngai Fung was established in 1983, to meet the needs of the industrial Development of Hong Kong during 80s. The company mainly focuses on producing micro parts such as contact plate, springs and shields.

 In addition, Ngai Fung also provides services of tooling design, fabrication, processing and fixture for her own production.

 The mission statement of Ngai Fung is providing the most satisfactory and high quality service for each customer. To commit such goals, she has been making a great effort on training and development for the employees, evaluating their management system by investigating from competitors. She also upgrades her equipments, keeping up her productivity.

 After all the great effort for years, Ngai Fung managed to gain her first ISO: 9000 in 2001. Few years later in 2009, she achieved another ISO (ISO 14000), making great effort on being an environmental friendly origanisation.

 Those certifications became the strongest evidence of the effort of Ngai Fung. The current customers were also satisfied and appreciated by those certifications. Based on the reputation of Ngai Fung, she started to develop her international market, via the strong recommendation of current customers and promoting themselves in different exhibitions. Nowadays, customers of ngai fung are all over the world (Taiwan, Mainland, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands… etc).

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